Life In The UK Practise Test Quiz No 1.

This Life in the UK practise test quiz number one consists of ten multiple-choice questions. Only one answer is right. Read the questions carefully.

Let’s get started. All the best.

What is the official name of the country in which you live?
What language did Iron AgeBritons speak?
Which of these countries is part of Great Britain?
Which of the following is NOT a stated responsibility of a British Citizen?
A single TV licence is enough for one house except when:
TRUE or False: Anyone on electoral register can be selected to serve on a jury.
Who appoints the government in Britain?
Who was elected prime minister after the war in 1945?
In the UK electoral system, what is the name for the collective number of people who can vote?
Last question: What is the main reason the UK does not have a written constitution?
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You needed to score 75% to pass this quiz. How much did you score?

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