Life In The UK Practise Test Quiz Number 2.

This Life in the UK practise test quiz number two consists of ten multiple-choice questions. Only one answer is right. Read the questions carefully.

Let’s get started. All the best.

Where did Britain's first farmers originate?
If a person or business owes you £1000 and refuse to pay, you should:
When was the voting age reduced to 18 for men and women?
Members of the Welsh Assembly are also known as:
TRUE or FALSE: The Scottish and Welsh parliaments can make their own civil and criminal law.
Drivers can use their driving licence until they are 70. After that:
During the Great Depression in the 1930s, what happened to British car ownership?
Why is House of Commons regarded as the most important chamber of Parliament?
TRUE or FALSE: Members of Armed Forces cannot stand for public office.
What is the official report of activity in the Houses of Parliament called?
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