Can You Pass This British Citizenship Test Quiz?

Who are genetically the 'most British' people in the UK?
How far do British territorial waters extend from the coast?
What qualifications does the Queen have?
You're a footman announcing the arrival of Mrs Featherstonehaugh from Cholmondeley. How do you pronounce her surname and village?
TRUE or FALSE: There are no female captains in the Royal Navy.
Which of the following unflattering names have been applied to the British?
Who were Homer, Hicks, Stanley and Johnson?
The Angevin Empire - what was it?
When Boris Johnson said, 'There are no disasters, only opportunities. And, indeed, opportunities for fresh disasters', what was he referring to?
The richest 1% of UK earners pay what proportion of UK income tax?
Check Your Score.

In order to pass this test, you will need to score 75%. How much did you score?

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